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The Soul Clap

The Soul Clap

Psalm 118:24

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

My daughter humbled me the other day.

I woke up late, grumbled, opened the Bible app, read a verse or two, prayed for the Hill Ministry, fell asleep before I said Amen, woke up again, said Amen, rolled out of bed while grumbling, took 20 minutes too long in the bathroom, limped over to my daughters crib and saw the most amazing thing: My daughter Kourtney awakened with the prettiest smile on her face and spontaneously clapped her hands in the air!

I believe the Holy Spirit indicted me at that exact moment. “When was the last time that you were that excited just to wake up?”

My daughter has already been thru small versions of drama in her life. She was born with the cord around her neck twice. She had several shots in her legs. She hasn’t gotten all her desired milk. She has been hot, cold, fussy and angry. She still wakes up with a smile and sometimes a clap. Why?

I believe there are two reasons why my daughter is so joyful:

1.) At her age, she doesn’t keep a long record of how she has been wronged. She barely remembers the same old vaccination nurse. My daughter doesn’t remember childbirth or the cord. She doesn’t remember the drama; she has her mind on the immediate past and future.

2.) She knows that Mommy and Daddy are going to take care of her. We may not provide things on her time table. We may not dress her like she wants. But the presence and provision of mom and dad are always there. Mom and Dad don’t provide a life without problems, but they do provide a good life. Maybe if we had those two characteristics we would wake up with the same joy. Maybe if we forgave and were more aware of the presence of Christ, we would begin with a clap and smile?

As adults maybe we can learn two things from Kourtney:

1. The Greek word for "forgive" is (ah-FEE-ay-meet). In its original context, it is the opposite of what we American Christians say, “I will forgive, but I will never forget.” The original meaning of the biblical term for forgive means “to put away.” Our American culture is antithetical to the biblical concept. We hold unto our hurt, but babies forget their boo-boos very quickly. It’s hard to wake-up happy when you are focused on all that has gone wrong. Put it away!

2. God never promised us a rose garden but He did promise an abundant life. We are in good hands. For those who genuinely love God, Daddy is going to take care of it. Even in daddies discipline, we will be blessed.

Lord, let me wake up like Kourtney!

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