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Ebola in the Pulpit

Ebola in the Pulpit

I just watched a snippet of a sermon online where Pastor Jamal Bryant from Baltimore Maryland’s Empowerment Temple preached on Ebola. In the six-minute segment that I viewed, the pastor suggested that the government had created and patented the virus for nefarious purposes. He even suggested that the President appointed an Ebola czar with no medical training for dubious reasons. Unfortunately, I could not find the rest of the sermon.

I am old enough to not judge a man or a sermon from a snippet. I am hopeful that if I saw the full sermon in context that Pastor Jamal Bryant was probably speaking allegorically. I am anticipating that he probably put four or five disclaimers out there. I am sure that someone just posted the five most incendiary minutes of that sermon online.

Pastor Bryant is an intelligent man, so I know that he thoroughly researched this issue. It puzzles me how his research could take him down such a strange road. My research indicates that yes, the government patented certain diseases to ensure that information is passed freely without one company greedily stifling innovation. It didn’t take me long to discover that fact or to have it confirmed by a leading biologist. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the patented Ebola strain is different than the one we are dealing with currently. I know that Pastor Jamal Bryant has more resources than I do, so there must be some mistake regarding why that wasn’t shared in the sermon or maybe it was shared and I just didn’t hear that portion.

As I covered in an earlier blog; I believe in conspiracies. Just Google the Gulf of Tonkin or the Tuskegee Experiment to find real instances of a government cover-up! I know Pastor Jamal Bryant is aware of these coverups as well so he wouldn’t stir up a bunch false narratives!

I am not sure of where Pastor Bryant is coming from. I do know that several of my friends listen to him and that from personal experience that a pastor can preach to the worst in the crowd or the best in the congregation. It is my hope that all of us as Christians should realize that the American Branch of the Body of Christ is weakened. For this reason, we have to be ever more vigilant at being a beacon of light not a cacophony of confusion.

Disclaimer: Regardless of the direction or intent of the sermon, this blog entry is still necessary to refute the false impressions that the viral snapshot gives. I am going thru the process of ordering the full sermon and look forward to reporting back what I find. It’s important to note that the viral snapshot might not match the sermon thesis.

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