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The Traffic Light

The Traffic Light

I was driving to church the other day, and I was late. I was at this traffic light which had around thirty cars in a row waiting for it to turn green. In this lane, we were all turning left. I was around 28 cars back, and it was 11:22, service starts at 11:30.

The traffic light finally turned green, and nothing happened. We all just sat there. I anxiously waited for my opportunity to at least take my foot off the brake. Then I breathed deeply and resisted the temptation to start yelling and honking. The lady in front of me didn’t, her hands started flailing so hard I thought she was air traffic control…or crip walking. By the time the first car began to move, it seemed like it was five or six seconds. Cars 1-18 got thru the green light while cars 19-26 went thru a yellow. It was now 11:26 and I had to be at church at 11:30.

Now here is where things get interesting. Air traffic control lady….she is now at the front of the line. She is the first car, and I am the second. We wait at a red light approximately four decades. My congregation is only 50 yards away at this point. It’s now 11:30, and I should be reading the opening verse at 11:30. Suddenly the light turns green. Now here is the trippy part: The air traffic control lady is now applying her make-up. The light is green, but she is not moving. Horns begin to honk behind us. Pastor Tony tries to think happy thoughts because he knows he must be before a congregation in five minutes. After five or six seconds the lady begins to move.

I began to think, this is the Body of Christ in America. We are at the front of the line. The light is green. We are in no rush or have no urgency to move though….because we know(or we think we know) that we are getting thru the light and into Eternal Glory. All the meanwhile there are folks who are behind us who are perishing while we casually put on our make-up or some other superficial function at the LIGHT.

Let us be about our Fathers Business.

The Eternal Church Service is about to start.

Jesus is about to read that opening hymn.

It’s just an eternal minute before service.

Where are you in the line?

How many are suffering behind you?

Jesus has given you the green light and the gas. Just GO!

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